MERCURY HM Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


          MERCURY HM Limited partnership company  deals with colour metals acquisition - mainly cable scrap. We use separation method based on German and Scandinavian technological production lines.
Our production relies on recasting cable scrap, is environmental friendly and guarantee high recycling quality.

          Final products of our recycling process are metal granulate (99.9% pure copper), granulate of polyethylene and PVC - all these products are ready for further processing.
Our company is able to convert about 300 tones of cable per month.

          Our company deals also with the production of milled plastic type: PVC, PE, XLPE, halogen free material and post production waste. We mainly focus on wire and cable acquisition and recovery. Currently MERCURY HM Limited partnership company  has introduced new technologies for metal recovery from plastic materials.

         MERCURY HM Limited partnership company  is interested in collecting any quantity of cable scrap, plastic materials and colour metals. In return we can offer you competitive price, long time cooperation and own delivery.

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